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 Episode 17: Here Be Dragons

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MessageSujet: Episode 17: Here Be Dragons   Episode 17: Here Be Dragons Icon_minitimeSam 20 Aoû 2011 - 23:27

Résumé de l'épisode:

Daniel and Amanda, aided by Sam, head into V-World in an attempt to draw out their daughter. But Zoe has many traps laid for her family, and makes it clear she does not want to be found. When she realizes Sam wants to kill the avatars - one of his niece, Tammy, and one of Zoe - Amanda shoots him where he stands. The murder is the greatest act of kindness, as a hit has just been put out on the Adamas: the Guattrau has discovered their operation of shipping Cylons to Tauron, and has ordered his daughter, Fidelia, to orchestrate their murder. Joseph narrowly escapes, and brings his family to a meeting point on the outskirts of town.

Lacey's ability to command the Cylons on Gemenon has made her a threat to the STO, and they have ordered that Odin execute her. He leads her into a secluded location, but just as he's about to send her to her grave, he shifts and aims at Diego and his henchman, only to realize that their order was a test, and the gun carries no bullets. Laughing at Odin's failure, Diego lifts his firearm to kill Odin, but Odin was steps ahead of his leaders, and has planted his classmates at the edges of the room to finish off the amoral terrorists. Diego and Kevin drop to the ground, and Odin and his crew begin to scurry toward the transport to get off-world. But Lacey has other plans: with an army of Cylons at her command, she and the other young recruits can stay, and fight.

The Graystones continue their pursuit of Zoe, but are themselves the target of a hunt, as Clarice and her husbands have discovered Amanda's betrayal, and intend to kill her. They push their way through the many safeguards of the Graystone house, and grind through the last one just as the Graystones hit on an idea to contact Zoe. Instead of chasing or cornering her, they'll have to invite her, so that she feels in control. Like a charm, Zoe approaches them, and her parents drop all their guards. After a tearful plea from Amanda, Zoe embraces her mother. The Graystones tell their daughter that, if she ever wants to see them, all she has to do is meet them in the virtual house. Humbled, they leave, and as they remove their bands, they realize their present danger. Clarice and her husbands burst through the door and demand that Amanda deliver the stolen holoband, but she refuses. The Cylon housing Zoe's avatar creaks to life - it cannot let its parents die - and wields its own arm in a killing stroke. Clarice and Olaf manage to escape just as the robot loses power, but Amanda and Daniel are able to meet Zoe in the virtual house now. They offer her anything she wants, and present the temptation of a real, flesh and bone body.

On the other side of town, the Adamas gather what little money they have squirreled away just as the second wave of hit men finds them. Sensing they've been gone too long, William runs after his father and uncle, distracting the thugs long enough for the Adamas to get the upper hand. But Willie is shot, and as his blood spills out of his body, Joseph cries to the heavens at the injustice.

Source: Syfy

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Episode 17: Here Be Dragons
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