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 Episode 1: He That Believeth in Me

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MessageSujet: Episode 1: He That Believeth in Me   Mer 28 Mai 2008 - 19:22

Résumé de l'épisode sur Sci-Fi:

Having just informed an astonished Lee Adama that she has found the way to Earth, Kara Thrace dives into the battle against the attacking Cylon fleet. Lee has no choice but to follow her.

The Cylons are winning the fight, inflicting terrible casualties. Admiral Adama orders every last pilot to join the defense, so rookie Sam Anders finds himself in a Viper's cockpit. He and the other newly self-aware Cylons within the fleet — Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol and Tory Foster — all fear that they might be taken over by Cylon programming at any moment.

Indeed, during the dogfight, Anders comes face-to-face with a Cylon Raider and, either because of rookie nerves or something more sinister, is unable to disengage his weapon safeties to shoot it down. The two Cylons stare at each other through the vacuum, and then the Raider turns and flees.

Seconds later, the entire Cylon fleet Jumps away, abandoning the battlefield. Adama and Roslin are relieved but confused. Only Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and Foster can guess what new development might have sent the Cylons running — and they're keeping their theories to themselves.

Aboard the Galactica, Kara is greeted with both love and suspicion. More than two months have passed since her apparent death, but she claims that she's only been gone for six hours, during which time she blacked out in the storm that apparently killed her. She explains that she awoke near a planet whose description matched Earth's, lost consciousness again, and found herself at the Ionian Nebula.

Now she insists that she possesses a strong intuition, almost a mystical sixth sense, of the correct route to Earth. Although medical tests establish that she is Kara Thrace, her Viper is inexplicably brand-new ("fresh off the assembly line," Tyrol says), and its navigation computer's memory is empty. Roslin, fearing that this is all a Cylon trick, puts Kara under armed guard and orders the fleet to follow the route they'd originally planned, away from the nebula.

Meanwhile, Gaius Baltar finds himself swept into the seductive arms of a cult of people — mostly young women — who dote on him as a holy man. Their leader, Jeanne, asks Baltar to pray over her dying son, Derrick.

Overcome by the plight of the unconscious and grievously ill boy, Baltar offers a heartfelt prayer and pleads with God to spare the innocent child and take his life instead. Later, Baltar is attacked by men who are furious about his acquittal. As one of them holds a knife to his throat, Baltar proves the sincerity of his prayer by begging the man to kill him. Baltar is rescued and narrowly escapes the fray.

When he returns to the secluded dwelling of his cult, he learns that Derrick has awakened. Against the odds — perhaps miraculously — the boy has recovered.

Elsewhere on the Galactica, Kara grows more certain that Roslin is guiding the fleet in the wrong direction: She feels her intuition fading as the fleet Jumps farther and farther off-course. Making matters worse, Admiral Adama doesn't dare trust Kara, and Anders hints that he suspects she might be a Cylon (though he promises to love her anyway) .

Finally, frustrated and unnerved by everyone's skepticism, Kara escapes from her guards and sets off to make her case to Roslin — by pointing a gun at her….

written by

directed by

source: ici Wink

Contente Sam? rigole


Kit de Cath ^^
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Episode 1: He That Believeth in Me
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